Serving children with disabilities and their families in Turkey since 1998
We have fallen in love with some of the most neglected children on the planet: boys and girls who because of physical or mental limitations poverty and cultural ignorance are abused neglected and often abandoned. Kardelen Mercy Teams is a visible demonstration of God’s love by providing practical assistance to these children and their families.
Often considered “cursed ones” by their parents, their siblings and their society, children with mental and physical disabilities are often hidden from society, uneducated, and neglected. Kardelen Mercy Teams is the hands and feet of the Lord’s Jesus Christ demonstrating God’s love and bringing value to their lives.
Kardelen Mercy Teams is the Lord Jesus’ “hands and feet”: Demonstrating God’s love by supplying spiritual and physical support to those who are often labeled as “cursed ones.” Our goal is to bring every boy and girl who struggles in some way with disability, to experiencing purpose and joy. The Kardelen team believes that everyone should live in an environment where practical and consistent love and care is the norm, not the exception.